Laser Beam Bar

product information:

Name: Laserbar RGB0.3W*10
Model: Laserbar RGB0.3W


Voltage:AC90-240v 50-60HZ Laser : (R637nm/170mW+G520nm/100mW+B445nm/80mW)*10Beam angle: 1.5mrad Life: 10,000 hoursDimmer: 0-100% linear Display panel: LC

VoltageAC90-240v 50-60HZ     

Laser : (R637nm/170mW+G520nm/100mW+B445nm/80mW)*10

Beam angle: 1.5mrad   Life: 10,000 hours

Dimmer: 0-100% linear  Display panel: LCD screen

Working mode: DMX, Automatic, all on

DMX channels: 31(Total dimmer and R10,G10,B10 dimmer)

Function: Total dimmer and each dimmer, fade in and fade out

SizeL1000mm*W150*H86mm(without handle)   the height with handle is270mm

Package size: 120CM*25CM*25CM(Flight Case)

Net weight:10kg   Gross weight: 17kgFlight Case

10RGB rear  10RGB Back20170402_191